AFFIRM Winter Soiree @ Beaver Galleries

27 June 2017

AFFIRM, the Australian Foundation for Mental Health Research, has at its helm a dedicated group of locals with innovative fundraising ideas and a determination to positively keep the many and varied aspects of mental health in the forefront of people’s minds encouraging us to support research.

And slowly but surely there’s evidence of a willingness by those who’ve suffered in silence to erase the stigma and become pro-active in seeking help and talking about their often long and debilitating experiences.

For AFFIRM’s Winter Soiree at Beaver Galleries the guest speaker was the always smiling, seemingly calm and controlled Craig Allen, whose face is a constant as the weekend newsreader for local ABC-TV. He’s been there for almost 15 years, but behind the smile was another constant. He’s hidden anxiety and panic attacks for many years and eventually despite resistance to medication did see his doctor and has been taking anti-depressants which he described as a miracle giving him relief and peace of mind.

Mental illness manifests in many ways. Knowing that there’s many ways to deal with a problem is the beginning, which is why AFFIRM supports a variety of innovative ways to find solutions.

And support for the organisation saw good bidding for an eclectic mix of auction items many of which were donations from regular supporters of this event. Creations Jewellers exquisite freshwater large drop shaped pearl went to a lovely lady, three paintings donated by Beaver Galleries were among the favourites as were four tickets to Sir Paul McCartney’s Sydney concert. But a favourite for the ladies who love a few feathers to snuggle into a blush toned coat from Baby Pink and Pink ink was to desire.