Alex Sloan: Canberra Citizen of the Year 2017

11 March 2017

Alex Sloan is a joy to be around. She’s been an absolute treasure for our local community bringing her personality, humour, meticulous research and genuine interest in a wide range of issues and information, then sharing it all with her listeners as a masterful ‘conduit’ at 666 ABC for 22 years. We’ve learnt more from Alex than we can remember, but we never lost the feeling that she could grab a topic and run with it. And now she’s happily retired, ready to find new directions where her talent will be valued.

We bonded over a lunch in a local law firm talking about Epsom salts for gardenias. My grandfather reckoned those ubiquitous salts were a cure all for everything internal , and Sloan’s Liniment for everything external, the efficacy of the latter questionable But the gardenias are the only thing I reckon benefit.

 Many years on and many occasions where we’ve talked the Canberra talk, I’ve so enjoyed her company and insight. She’s made me cry – we’re both good at the emotions – during an interview, we’ve been lucky enough to meet a diverse range of people, enjoyed so much hospitality on occasions where this city celebrates  and always she’s the happy, bright, beautiful and professional personality we all love.

And now at last the powers that be have realised she’s an ideal recipient of the 2017 Canberra Citizen of the Year, ticking all the boxes.  She is so deserving, so right for the honour and so self-effacing about receiving it. Congratulations Alex.

A party in her big beautiful backyard where husband Rob and daughter Zoe all welcomed the most eclectic mix of family, friends, colleagues and local identities was fortuitous as the party had been planned well before the announcement of the award and to have another reason to acknowledge not just her retirement but a ‘gong’ too was perfect. Lanterns and coloured lighting lit up the space in an ‘Enlighten’ like effect and the mixing and mingling of a continual stream of guests a chance to reconnect with so many of this city’s fabulous and fun people all here for a great lady.

And there was an added bonus for daughter Zoe Thorman with an opportunity to garner support from this crowd to make lots of money with a promise to shave her glorious very long golden blonde hair for the Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave. The best kind of crowd funding, and mum and dad so very proud of their soon to be bald daughter. You can support Zoe on the official website, please do,  and we have the pics of hair before.........