Antigone is a tragedy written over two thousand years ago that resonates profoundly with us all as we take sides in the conflicts we see on our daily 24/7 news cycle and try to reconcile what is right and wrong.

The adaption of Sophocles play by Damien Ryan for Sport for Jove’s production brings this powerful story of the Grecian Wars slap bang into this century and demands so much of our preconceived ideas that you can’t help but waver between the feisty and formidable Antigone (Andrea Demetriades) and her uncle Creon (William Zappa) and wonder when will we learn, when will society find leaders who can and will find solutions with humanity at the core.

The stage is set as a battle torn city. It could be Aleppo or Mosul as the grey dust covers the Theban Chorus and the drums beat for the end of the battle for the city. But war has tragic consequences for Antigone’s brothers as one, Polinices, is left to rot on the battlefield as the other, Eteocles, is to be given a burial with honours. They were on opposing sides, and killed each other in the battle leaving behind a family torn apart by the rule of law and the power of love.

The performances were exceptional, the staging inspired and the adaptation formidable as Sophocles wisdom still challenges us today.