Avenue Q @ The Q Theatre in Queanbeyan

28 April 2017

I happened upon Kermit the Frog in Tiffany’s in New York in the late 80’s filming a piece about purchasing an engagement ring for Miss Piggy. My kids were beyond delighted, and while the store’s charming mature aged gents had kept most of the public away from this moment my two knew mum could spot a TV crew from a thousand paces and we were lucky to be up close and personal with that tiny frog.

We had grown up with Sesame Street and the pleasure of that show lives on in my grandchildren and me still watching.

But Avenue Q currently at the Q Theatre is not Sesame Street but a delightful adult version where being risqué, raunchy while dishing up songs about racism and pornography and a sex scene that’s hilarious is fabulously entertaining. Mixing puppets and people is a Sesame Street formula that  works for this imagined street in a borough of New York where the meaning of life and a dose of nostalgia for childhood memories is handled with a cast of characters to adore.

Miss Piggy, Bert and Ernie, Cookie Monster and those cantankerous Bad Ideas Bears are transformed for this show but recognisable, and the puppeteers bring them all to life with seeming ease. The adults mix and mingle well and make for a different musical for Supa Productions whose body of work is always stretching and intent on bringing something different to musical theatre.

Jarrad West has directed Avenue Q,  a show that entertains us, takes us to a world not restricted by political correctness and finds talent and teamwork in a cast that mixes familiar faces and newbies with relish.

The set, lighting and music are spot on for a show that tackles adult problems in a wonder world of puppets and people and makes you yearn for those simpler days when you delighted in the wisdom of Sesame Street.

Avenue Q continues at the Q Theatre Queanbeyan until 13 May. And no, don’t take the kids.