Black is the New White @ The Playhouse

28 March 2018

Black is the New White is a rom-com to delight and engage an audience in a perspective of family dynamics  we rarely see with a successful aboriginal family gathering to meet the fiance of one daughter,  and his conservative parents, all  set around the classic Christmas lunch.

 Husband- to- be Francis is white and a sensitive new age unemployed musician, his fiancé Charlotte, is a successful lawyer toying with options for her career, but they’re in love.

An array of eccentricities in these lovable characters are played out by an ensemble cast of strong personalities  where politics, family secrets, class and aspirations take centre stage on a classy set with a food fight over the lunch choreographed carefully with copious amounts of celebratory wine, music and hilarity.

Clever, witty, energetic and delightful this is the kind of play that exposes many issues realised well by award winning writer Nakkiah Lui.