Botswana Dance Troupe @ the National Zoo and Aquarium

17 February 2017

The Ngwao Letshwao Performing Arts group of dancers from Botswana performed at the National Zoo and Aquarium to the delight of the casual visitors and indifference from the lions they were so keen to see. Exuberant national dancing brought barely a ruffle to the mane of ‘Jake’ the white lion from central casting and long yawns from the pride of lions resting under the shade that was far better than Leo the MGM mascot.

 For this dance group who performed as a prelude to their Multicultural Festival performances and as the featured group for the Botswana High Commission’s Open Day it was just another stop on their international travels that takes them around the world.

But with a little coaxing and probably great expectations of food Jake happily sat on his meet, eat and pose  platform, languorously posing perfectly for selfies and lingered as long as the dancers needed to take endless photos.

A fun performance with plenty of energy, the music and story- telling integral to this young troupe’s love of their country and pleasure in sharing the cultural life of Botswana.