Breast Cancer Network Australia Pink Lady Lunch @ Gandel Hall 2016

24 August 2016

The Breast Cancer Network Australia is a formidable organisation connecting women diagnosed with breast cancer to provide information and support while importantly advocating for people affected, and always looking to improve access to breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and care.

It is still the most common cancer affecting women with more than 15,900 women and 150 expected to be diagnosed this year. And while survival rates are increasing the prevention and cure of this insidious disease is still the priority.

The annual Pink Lady Luncheon is a happy event in the main.  It’s a chance for those who have ‘been there’ to share their experiences and support those who might be recently diagnosed to know what they’re facing in the treatment and the new normal they hope to find after treatment. And to reassure that there is no one experience of breast cancer, we are all different and our reaction and coping mechanisms are many and varied. And yes women still die from this disease.

It is always good to meet up with these formidable women. Their stories are unique, their attitudes refreshing and together they make a force to be reckoned with as they promote this organisation. Their bodies may be changed forever, but their spirit and determination can and does inspire.

Guest speaker for this year’s event was Ita Buttrose. She is a BCNA Ambassador and brings her formidable experiences to a cause that needs to be kept in the public arena and to remind all women that complacency is not an option. Breast cancer affects all ages, all ethnicities and early detection is imperative. But for Ita this was a day to delve into her memories to charm and delight the guests and subsequently agree to be auctioned for a lunch with a successful bidder. That was a tidy $5000 for the cause.

Supporting the lunch again this year was Konica Minolta a partnership that started over 5 years ago when Managing Director Dr David Cooke chose BCNA to partner with because he was passionate about giving back to the communities where this business operates. BCNA’s organisational values were an important consideration and the partnership ensures that the continuity of the support, information, treatment and care BCNA provides can be delivered free of charge. The partnership gives staff of Konica Minolta a chance to be involved in many ways, actively living their values and caring for their community. Nanette Bak, the ACT State Manager for Konica Minolta is a breast cancer survivor, she epitomises those values of her company and actively involves herself in many and varied community areas. She’s a friend and mentor. An admirable representative for this partnership and an attitude that you always get back more than you give.  

And if you know someone with breast cancer, or have been recently diagnosed and feel your world is crashing get in touch with or phone 1800 500 258.