Canberra Symphony Orchestra's Breakfast Launch for Season 2017 'Revealed'

19 August 2016

There’s something quite ethereal about a National Arboretum sunrise. It lifts your spirit and reminds of moments beyond your control. That control evident as I planned to replicate the memorable sunrise on that 1 February morning in 2013 at a ‘dawn ceremony’ for the official opening when the city below and the sky above sparkled as with a photographer colleague we slid about on our bums to capture a memorable moment. And I love that picture and the memories it brings.

 Of course an August morning replication would have involved moving the sun and photoshop doesn’t cut it in these circumstances. But the sun coming up between the pods and the Telstra Tower had its own special beauty for this breakfast launch of the Canberra Symphony Orchestra’s 2017 series and for those guests who’d never seen this spectacle it was a glorious morning to celebrate what a treasure this National Arboretum is and will be well after we’ve watched many sunrises.

The CSO chose the perfect place to launch the season they’re calling it ‘Revealed’.  We’re used to a more formal lunch and the need for many to race back to work, this time a change of venue and opting for breakfast was a perfect choice. With the CSO brass quintet accompanying proceedings, the CSO Board Chair Sir Angus Houston and Artistic Director and Chief Conductor Nicholas Milton doing their tag team performance with aplomb, we grazed on breakfast delights as the sun made its presence felt through the grand windows and that magnificent view with fog hugging the lake and the guests just a little soporific with the ambiance.

So should I reveal what ‘Revealed’ is all about? Maybe not, I’ll let the newly energised and talented team who run the CSO who want you to discover for yourself the program, package alternatives and follow up with subscriptions as the most successful subscription orchestra in the country continues to “create new and unusual music experiences for you” do that and they’ve even made it simpler with a CSO Direct phone number 02 6262 6772 weekdays from 10am-3pm.

The breakfast brought together the CSO team with the partners who continue their valuable support, the media who happily promote all that is good about our orchestra and partnerships that will especially in this 2017 season be a valuable and innovative new direction for them too.