CAPO Art Auction 2017 @ CMAG

22 September 2017

“The most excellent Mr Paul McDermott” is the latest moniker for the Patron of CAPO, and he wears it well. Looking quite spiffing in his long ‘musketeer’ style red velvet coat, with a hint of insouciance in his demeanour, a now luxuriant head of long greying hair and beard,  jeans with a colour co-ordinated waistcoat completed the look, which at first sight I reckoned would suit an Absinthe sipping dilettante living in Parisienne garret. But “the most excellent” knows his stuff, and as CAPO Patron has been a worthy recipient and supporter in that capacity.

 I did like his look for the “Puttin on the Glitz” themed CAPO annual art auction- and his support for the Yes vote for the current survey we’re all enduring- but this night was about fun and frivolity, eating, drinking, awarding grants and importantly buying art to support the arts.

With entertainment from the Canberra City Big Band and a few ditties from McDermott, it was on to perusing, contemplating and bidding. Which I did with a determined effort to buy a Jan Brown drawing that happily came home with me. With, I must add, a sterling effort by one of the catering staff to lug it to my car.

A formidable amount of organisation goes into this annual event and those who donate, support, volunteer and attend deserve to be congratulated. That the event sits comfortably in the Canberra Museum and Gallery providing space to display the works, room to meander, mix and mingle and if inclined a chance to dance on this occasion, is a perfect choice for an event that is an integral part of the Canberra arts community. For those awarded grants and fellowships, congrats too as we look forward to seeing the results of that support.