Chartered Accountants Excellence in Government Awards with Sir Bob Geldof

26 November 2015

The Leadership in Government Awards for the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand was a keenly anticipated night for guests and particularly the award recipients as the guest of honour, keynote speaker and presenter was Sir Bob Geldof, and he was in the mood for kissing and hugging.

But before we got there his address kept a room full of accountants, public servants, business men and women, families of the nominees and hopeful contenders silent and in awe of the breadth and depth of his opinions and solutions to a myriad of current issues and problems this world is facing.
Geldof is a musician, as music initially provided a diversion for the young man whose mum had died and with his two sisters was left to their own devices from a young age.

Today he is also an entrepreneur, humanitarian, businessman and respected speaker espousing an intelligent and blunt opinion on everything from climate change, equality, leadership and why he thinks we haven’t begun this new century yet. And a well applauded opinion of Donald Trump would make that hair stand on end, and he believes the need to defeat the “living cancer” that is ISIL is imperative.

Comprehensive in dealing with issues in his worldy wise manner, erudite and engaging, Sir Bob deserved all the hugging and kissing for a presentation the likes of which we wont see again unless we can get him back, and despite a major dose of jet lag and a couple of minutes of shut-eye during the panel presentation with Andrew Leigh, Christine Nixon, Michael Kirby and Ngahi Bidois he didn’t lose the thread or miss a beat. With leadership, or lack of it according to Sir Bob, the main talking point the haka finale by Ngahi Bidois was a challenge to all to step up to make a difference.

Then it was time for the mandatory selfies with Sir Bob happy to oblige.
And to know the man better get a copy of his autobiography “Is That It?” It’s one of the best I’ve read.