• Party time....

    Party time....

  • MC Tim Feguson

    MC Tim Feguson

  • Sue Salthouse

    Sue Salthouse

  • Stephen Fox

    Stephen Fox

  • Inclusion Award for St Edmunds College

    Inclusion Award for St Edmunds College

  • Adam Ladell and Isaac

    Adam Ladell and Isaac

  • Hugh Chalmers

    Hugh Chalmers

  • Grace West

    Grace West

Chief Minister's Inclusion Awards 2016

1 December 2016

The Chief Minister’s Inclusion Awards are now in their 13th year and each year the event has grown and prospered as more Canberra businesses, government departments and organisations contribute to the growing acceptance of creating meaningful employment and opportunities for the disabled. The celebration is a night of triumphs and awards for a diverse group of people who do so much to make the lives of many better and more fulfilling.

And this year was no exception with a night at the National Museum of Australia full of music, laughter and joy as well as the coveted awards in a range of categories that reflect well on the attitudes of the community to make a difference.

Championing equality is at the heart of this event and with a cross section of sponsors, all recognised for their continuing support, it was once again in the hands of the indefatigable and delightfully self deprecating Tim Ferguson to be the MC of choice with all the personal touches he brings to being one of the team who made the night such fun.

Guest Artist was Adam Ladell, and we all fell a little in love with this charming 17 year old with Tourette’s whose singing is a way to alleviate the symptoms, that took him to a second placing in The Voice. His voice is incredible and he’s a talented songwriter, but his success extends to his YouTube Channel Tic Twich Teen documenting his journey and bringing community awareness to Tourette’s. What a pleasure to meet him and learn so much about his challenges and marvel at his dedication and determination.

A night to remember and awards to applaud for a community that continues to embrace all the best of Inclusion at every level.