At year end the final political address to the National Press Club was by the ‘fixer’ and Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science Christopher Pyne. And he was a happy chappy with wry humour, energy and enthusiasm for this portfolio that fits his support for the PM’s aspirations for this time asserting “there’s never been a more exciting time to be alive in Australia”.

The departmental staff were enjoying the cut and thrust – no blood on the floor with this address - of a NPC address and a lunch time repast rather than the canteen were all enthusiastic for the change at the top, had been working hard on all manner of the detail and sat quietly listening to their new boss. The day needed a bit of noise. Perhaps good old fashioned flag waving and yahooing for the ‘fixer’ who will be back next year no doubt around election time to tell us what he’s fixed.

But the biggest smile was on the face of Ian Chubb, the outgoing Chief Scientist, who has worked hard to restore funding to key areas of his domain. He’s a much happier man.