Cyrano de Bergerac @ The Playhouse

29 June 2017

Sport for Jove’s adaptation of Edmond Rostrand’s 1897 play Cyrano de Bergerac brings this rom-com to the stage in a World War 2 setting with ‘panache’. What a lovely word it is and what a delight this play is with the swashbuckling soldier poet Cyrano in love with the delightful Roxanne but unable to woo her because he’s embarrassed by his prominent proboscis.

And what a nose it is. Today’s plastic surgeons could fix it but the essence of the story and the love triangle at its heart would be erased. So poor Cyrano uses his poetic talents to aid the insipid Christian to woo Roxanne. Where will it end, who has the mettle to go the distance.

Sport for Jove brought all the ups and downs of this epic story to The Playhouse using the whole of theatre approach to the production, where it was as much about what was going on in the aisles and upper boxes as on stage while retaining all the magic of the story as the focus.

Lurking behind the magic of this adaptation is a memory of the Steve Martin and Darryl Hannah movie version. And deleting that memory an easy fix of an ordinary comparison.