David Marr and Laura Tingle in Conversation @ University House

28 March 2017

David Marr and Laura Tingle in conversation at University House for Eat Drink and be political was a quick sell. Respected journalists and regular commentators on The Insiders, together they have much to offer in commentary on the political landscape, with well honed skills to cut through the spin, elucidate on the nitty gritty and get us thinking outside the sheltered workshop that is our parliament, and particularly the politics of resentment currently sweeping the world.

 The conversation was about David Marr’s The White Queen – One Nation and the politics of Race published by the Quarterly Essay, which is the kind of writing that makes one yearn for more of his journalistic excellence, erudite commentary and meticulous research with a good dose of humour to boot.

The White Queen is the story of One Nation and the Politics of Race and is a timely look back at the rise, demise and rise again of Pauline Hanson who polarises, has a voice like chalk down a blackboard and gets plenty of oxygen from the mainstream press, while politicians seem to pussy foot around her.

And just like the White Queen in chess - the most powerful piece on the board - we have to wonder   what this iteration of Pauline Hanson will achieve, will she crash and burn or survive. This game is anything but heading to a checkmate anytime soon.