Embassy of Ireland 70 Years of Diplomatic Representation in Canberra

12 July 2017

In 1946 Canberra had diplomatic representation from Great Britain, Canada and the United States. Then on 21 October the Canberra Times wrote of the arrival of Dr TJ Kiernan with his wife and acclaimed singer Delia Murphy who arrived with their children to the Commonwealth of Australia to represent Eire.

Eire was what the Australian and British press called that part of Ireland not in the realm of King George VI, and Dr TJ Kiernan as the Minister for Eire was here to establish diplomatic relations.

We’ve come a long way in Australian-Irish diplomatic relations in the 70 years since their arrival, and to hear some of the history, memories of those who have researched aspects of the time and read the visitors book for familiar names and the events they attended was part of the Embassy of Ireland’s celebration of those 70 years in conjunction with the Canberra Historical Society that put a fascinating perspective on those early days at an afternoon tea in the current residence.