FAME @ the Q Theatre Queanbeyan

11 May 2018

Sometimes we’d love to go back. Yes back to the good old days, times we remember when everything was rosy, everything was better and the world seemed a safer place. It wasn’t but memories are treasures we regurgitate to suit a need to remember and remind ourselves of yesterdays long gone.

FAME is a great story about the High School of Performing Arts in New York City between 1980-84, taking us back to relive the aspirations of a bunch of talented students looking to find fame, all perfectly packaged in an exuberant, exciting, entertaining and enjoyable production of a musical that showcases the extraordinary talents of so many young locals under the guiding hand of Director Jarrad West.

West with a talented team that includes Michelle Heine as choreographer and Katrina Tang as Musical Director have energised a show with their own kind of revision, just as has happened over the years, but it is still a great story well suited to a cast who are more worldly wise than those of the first stage production of 1987, but find the right kind of empathy for their characters and obvious pleasure in playing their part.

Supa Productions has been entertaining us so well for so many years and once again with FAME they’ve nailed the brief. FAME @ the Q Theatre Queanbeyan  until 26 May.