Forage @ The Little National Hotel

1 July 2017

On a day that started at -9degrees - according to those game enough to check out the gauges - the afternoon was a perfect sunny winter’s afternoon. And those who love to get out amongst the crowds, enjoy a variety of food and drink’s stalls gathered in a hidden space beside the Little National Hotel that’s behind the Department of Foreign Affairs, for Forage, a showcase of Canberra’s street food that brings together an eclectic mix of vendors and entertainment.

And with social media the primary source of notification, the big crowd rugged up, munched on and sat about on hay bales to taste local produce and support the entrepreneurial vendors, with for those seeking more the International Curry Festival coming back on 7,8, 9 of July in the city.

‘If you build they will come’ a fair comment on the enthusiasm of Canberrans to embrace the winter cold and get out and about to enjoy all the district produces and purveys. Forage, a success story epitomises that.