French Film Festival: C'est La Vie

1 March 2018

C’est La Vie - aka Le Sens De La Fete- was the opening night film for the French Film Festival. It’s about a wedding, with Pierre and Helene’s nuptials, seemingly planned to the nth degree,  that becomes a farce.

 So delciously ridiculous with the entire wedding production crew at the elegant 17th Century French Palace dressed in outfits better suited for a Versailles shindig and ill equipped to create a tea party, let alone this elegant Versailles style wedding supposedly meticulously planned by Max Angely, a wedding planner of 30 years with attitude, but Murphy’s Law rears its chaotic head and disasters ensue.

It’s a laugh a minute, with the ever resourceful Max able to pull the proverbial out of his hat to avoid complete disaster and a fireworks display and airborne groom to bring the whole shebang to a hilarious finale.

Very C’est La Vie.