Friday Night Drinks @ Old Parliament House

29 September 2017

With another long weekend looming the gathering crowd at Old Parliament House for one of the harbingers of warm weather and a chance to chill with friends is Friday Night Drinks and while the chill was in the air with sweaters and coats very necessary, the mood was relaxed.

It now is called Hoi Polloi – from Greek meaning the masses – the restaurant and particularly the courtyard has over time played host to an eclectic mix of those who worked and played in OPH, but today it’s a place to wine and dine in a casual atmosphere for visitors to MOAD, the Museum of Australian Democracy while Friday Night drinks provides colourful bean bags and poufs for comfortable lolling about, music to entertain and food and drink to munch on for many of our PS.

So as the warmer weather and daylight saving brings out those who want to linger with friends over a few quiet drinks, OPH will again become a favourite watering hole from 5pm on Friday.