Hands Across Canberra 2017

2 November 2017

Hands Across Canberra is the kind of philanthropy that connects us all in the best possible way to the most vulnerable in our community as an ‘umbrella’ foundation linking charities with funding to support their activities. Established in 2010 its growth and impact is formidable and a credit to those who envisaged and instigated a different approach to fundraising which now enjoys support from across a wide range of business, individual and corporate entities helping 150 local not-for profit organisations.

The annual lunch at Gandel Hall has become an important connector for representatives of those charities to join supporters to enlighten them on the work they’re doing, their needs and aspirations across a formidable range of areas where so many give so much to those in need. And importantly at this lunch create connections. Guest speaker this year was Kathryn Greiner, politician and social advocate, encouraging us all to do what we can and should to make a difference to those most vulnerable in our community with a hasty but no less heartfelt visit by Chief Minister Andrew Barr to speak and acknowledge the impact of Hands Across Canberra on the community.

Available for all too, for bit of after lunch reading, was the 2017 Impact report of Hands Across Canberra giving us an insight into the many and varied groups who have benefitted from this unique organisation. It reminds us all of the often invisible needs of this community, and how important it is for us all to be aware, make a difference and support them.

So who are they and what to do they do?

 In 2017 recipients included YouthCARE Canberra to employ a second Outreach worker, Canberra City Care to help create the Harvest Kitchen, Canberra Police Community Youth Club for domestic and family violence programs and Women’s Centre for Health Matters for its micro-finance facility were among 23 listed grant recipients and there are so many more. In fact over the past seven years Hands Across Canberra has donated $2.5 million to over 50 community projects.  

It makes us proud to see that Canberrans care, are known for their generosity and have at the helm of Hands Across Canberra a small, innovative and community focused board who’ve garnered the support of some of this city’s most respected companies, businesses, partners and individuals.