Inclusion Awards - Sponsors Lunch 2018

4 May 2018

The Chief Minister’s Inclusion Awards in Canberra is always a ‘feel good’ event that has grown and expanded over the years to encompass a wide range of business, government and community involvement in finding new and innovative ways to include the disabled in our community in work and activities that enhance and deliver better outcomes.

It takes a supportive range of these groups to make a difference and being awarded for enterprise and success is what the awards are about and Chief Minister Andrew Barr was on hand to thank and acknowledge their contribution.

As a fitting finale for the 2017 awards the annual lunch this week brought together the sponsors and professionals in this growing sector of the community to be thanked and receive a poster to proudly show what they contributed.

Lunch at a Japanese restaurant – Chaki Chaki  - upstairs in Londsdale Street was a feast of delicious traditional fare called the Bento. A box of taste treats neatly contained in a classic box. Somewhat puzzling was a poster for the restaurant promoting a Suntory Beer Cappuccino. Now that’s a combination I have trouble imagining.