International Day of Yoga @ Albert Hall

17 June 2017

As a prelude to the official International Day of Yoga on 21 June, the High Commission of India held a morning session at the Albert Hall to gather devotees and newbies to a yoga and meditation session. An opportunity to learn how to untangle overworked bodies and calm busy minds in a group session where all ages rolled out their mats and followed the very calming voice of Robyn Lewis of Yoga Australia guiding them through the moves.

Those of us who watched- the excuse for not participating was to take photographs of course – were just a tad mesmerised by the process and despite the vision of the adept and the perceived pain of some, most participants seemed to relish the opportunity and  as they finished with a sleep inducing meditation session, all was quiet and reverential.  

It would seem Yoga is good for everything that ails you. The Government of India’s handbook for ‘Common Yoga Protocol’ with an introduction by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi saying while Yoga integrates, mind, body and intellect today it is also integrating humanity. And that it goes beyond the physical exercises teaching us how to live a balanced life.

Finding that balance a worthy pursuit for most of us; in a world of conflict, disasters and suffering overwhelming us with the 24/7 news cycle, a little bit of calm, control and introspection is an antidote to what we can’t control or influence.