And here is the lesson: memoria, platea (yes Latin for memory, place) takes me back to those days of Canberra High School’s Latin class with Mr. Collier where something stuck in my brain to be regurgitated at the oddest times except the pronunciation of ‘platea’. Official opener  Mark Kenny was canvassing opinions of the right way to say it and none were game enough to be absolute.

 It is the name of the current exhibition at M16 in Griffith with six artists exhibiting in a range of media that includes print making, ceramics, paintings and photography focusing on their unique perspectives to the commonality of the theme. Giving the artists free range to exhibit from a very personal concept of memory and place.

The artists are Tiff Brown, Sarit Cohen, Mark Mohell, Macdonald Nichols, Peter Ranyard and Peter Rohen with Kenny giving one of the best opening speeches I’ve heard in many an opening focusing on the intrinsic style of each artist and the evocative aspect of their work. I liked that. He has a way with words as a journalist, but art is a tricky one to navigate at the best of times and while the old adage of ‘I know nothing about art, but I know what I like’ is much derided by the art cognoscenti, in essence it is what art is all about. We can admire, but if you don’t like it there’s no chance you’ll be convinced by a pile of guff about it.

So he kept it simple, personal and sincere.

The exhibition continues until 27 November.