Maggie Beer in Conversation @ University House

9 October 2017

What a fabulous lady is our Maggie Beer. Effervescent, enthusiastic and endearing in the foodie arena her latest book, Maggie’s Recipe for Life, written to inform and educate us in collaboration with Professor Ralph Martins. With 200 recipes and a swag of information it might just be the one in our plethora of many recipe books to reduce our chances of Dementia, Alzheimer’s and other lifestyle diseases.

 It is a book to get you back to good food, simple preparation and delicious flavours, well away from the time consuming creations we see on many of the foodie television shows that look good but turn cooking into a chore rather than sheer pleasure. And implicit in all of Maggie Beer’s recipes and cooking is the joy of preparing and sharing food she loves with knowledge and experience from her amazing food journey.

This book began when Maggie met Ralph – at the Australian of the Year Awards in Canberra in 2010. I remember the occasion for a different reason as when I was talking to Colin, Maggie’s husband, he made a comment on her Senior Australian of the Year award that it had taken 30 years for her to be an overnight success.

 It was though a fortuitous meeting. Ralph told Maggie of his work “demonstrating that good food, exercise and mental stimulation can have a protective effect against dementia” and reading of his research you will be encouraged to make changes in your lifestyle choices armed with this delicious book, and good intent to make the best lifestyle choices.

It was a sold out dinner event at University House where Maggie Beer was in conversation with Alex Sloan, where her fans had the chance to hear about this book, meet Professor Ralph Martins and enjoy South Australian wines from Soul Growers. A perfect combination.