Michaelia Cash @ National Press Club

8 March 2016

International Women’s Day 2016 has come and gone. And while there was no dancing in the streets, protests against all those things that irk us as modern women or grand gestures by government to make amends for all the inequality that still exists there were events to make us think beyond the confines of suburbia.

The British High Commission’s Impressive Women’s Panel Discussion over breakfast was an intelligent and interesting one with balanced views, and Senator Michaelia Cash spoke to the National Press Club with a swag of PM&C staff having a rather nice lunch for the event.

But somewhere in the mix of opinions in other forums the reticence about using and being proud of the term and the intent of ‘feminism’ has become a stumbling point for many of our political leaders. Minister for Women Michaelia Cash resiles from using it as does our Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop. In essence feminism is about the ‘advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of equality of the sexes’.

But as we look back at the history of International (Working) Women’s Day and celebrate the social, cultural, economic and political achievements of women that had its beginnings in a socialist doctrine we have to be proud that as women we’ve come a long way, but need to pick up speed on the issues that are no-brainers.