Mid Winter Ball - 2016

There’s an old fashion adage that red, black and white are the standout colours for a drop dead gorgeous fashion statement for a swanky ball. This year for the annual Mid Winter Ball at Parliament House- that by the time the ball finished was a spring ball - red was that colour worn with style and impact by a bevy of beautiful women glammed up for the occasion that usually sees a plethora of black and too many safe numbers to grab much attention. The stand- out reds were svelte and slinky. The stand out fabrics providing a degree of new fangled plastic elastic to avoid the visible lines eschewed by most well toned and elegant ladies.

 And in they swept with the ritual arrival requiring posing for the phalanx of photographers and cameramen and earnest journalists quick to ask the banal question about the designer. But ever elegant in a coral pink strapless number was Chloe Shorten proudly saying her dress was one from mum. Of course mum is Dame Quentin Bryce, a lady with a wardrobe of standouts for any occasion that must be a veritable designer frock shop to die for. Chloe wore her latest acquisition with a lace jacket for the cooler corridors of the house .

Jacqui Lambie, accompanied by Derryn Hinch in a red scarf to complement her colour choice, bought her strapless number in downtown Burnie and looked picture perfect. Annabel Crabb and Sarah Hanson- Young were among the red brigade too. But she who always stuns the snappers, Julie Bishop was drop dead stunning in a black asymetrical styled slim fitter on her trim and toned petite frame with a train to trip up anyone- including me during the night- – with a throw- away line of don’t worry about that as we tried to find the handy little loop for her to put on her pinky for ease of movement.

The night followed its proven format, but had on this occasion none of the tensions that usually prevail at the late June date as pollies are ready to get out of town for the winter break, where as the games were about to begin for this new parliament. The mandatory show reels of memorable moments from the world’s longest election campaign and lip synching pollies performing silly dance moves with a nod to House of Cards bit part for Christopher Pyne seeming a mere whip of an actor to Kevin Spacey’s Francis J “Frank”Underwood.

 The Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition both performed well in the comedy comments category of their respective speeches, the flash mob of choral singers missed their cue, as the MC’s, the redoubtable Speersy and Mearsy combo, grappled with the timing to fill in. But then came the paid entertainment with Cyrus Villanueva, recent X Factor winner getting the dancers on the floor with his version of Uptown Funk winning over the packed dance floor while later, Samantha Jade and her dancers showed just how to shake the booty and have a good time.

And a good time was had by all despite many of the newbies on this block taking early leave to get their beauty sleeps rather than hitting the hot spots of town. It might be a who’s who of the Parliament, Press Gallery, Corporate and Media heavy weights but underneath that facade are just a bunch of people most wouldn’t recognise in the supermarket having a jolly good knees-up and getting dressed up in their finest clobber to do it. And we have the pictures to remember it.