It was Donald Trump’s birthday. I knew, most didn’t, but if PM Malcolm Turnbull knew he could’ve taken his speech to the nth degree with a giant ‘fake’ cake for the POTUS with LLL (long legged lovelies) emerging at an appropriate moment to sing Happy Birthday Mr President, Marilyn Monroe style.

 But this Mid Winter Ball 2017 will now be remembered for the PM’s comic parody of Donald Trump in the best speech we’ve heard for many a long year. Who knew he has a future on the comedy circuit.

It’s caused a flurry of comment after being dispersed to all and sundry but with the usual “off the record”, it doesn’t cut it when most of the guests are corporate sponsors. So maybe the time has come to ditch the proviso and open the night up to the wider audience and elucidating aspect of the real Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten finding humour is the best way to be yourself.

The room was chockers with 640 guests working the room at every opportunity, Dami Im and her band entertaining and for the late nighters our favourite DJ Jungle Jerry mixing it up for those able to last the distance.

But most guests missed the littlest Cinderella and my star of the night, four month oldAlia Joy. Up the back with mum Senator Larissa Waters she was the centre of attention on table 61, dancing around with Senator Peter Whish Wilson and dad Jeremy Gates, doing baby stuff and letting mum know that it was time for her to be fed. She’s featured in the Senate in a first time photo by Mick Tsikas of her being breast fed- and that went around the world- and now to add to her photo file for the future being breast fed at the ball. What a trooper.

Then there was a moment to capture as Pauline Hanson introduced James Ashby to the PM. I wonder what they talked about. I guess that’s what really should be “off the record”.