Mid Winter Ball 2017 - Foyer Frolics

14 June 2017

In a flurry of snappers and cameramen rubbernecking for their shots, the foyer arrivals for the Mid Winter Ball 2017 was a cavalcade of glamour, a veritable frockfest for all who seek the best pictures, familiar faces and elegant posing to make an impression and of course the press. It’s as close as we get to a Canberra red carpet moment and luckily we know the cast.

Julie Bishop in a stunning blinged up dress from a favourite designer with a swathe of lavender tail feathers made her always glamorous entrance with partner David Paton at her side. Chloe Shorten in a Beaujolais tone one shouldered slim fitting crepe shone as always with her smile and effervescence, Bill at her side as proud as punch.

It’s time for happy snaps. Shoulders back and tummies pulled in for the blokes, spanx and Hollywood tape aiding the girls in their efforts to keep their ‘girls’ in position and straps out of sight. The long thigh high side splits were a favourite as the Angelina Jolie pose was perfected. You’ve got to love it, but some, those who’ve learnt that comfort has to be number one on this cold midwinter night, looked just as stunning as those who bared as much as they could without freezing. Anne Ally slipped her leather jacket over her shoulders and Carolyn Pyne added a favourite stole over hers.

 With Barnaby Joyce cracking his whip, to show us he could, Akubra on and his wife Natalie getting out of the way, being on a horse would have been a better picture but who rides a horse into Parliament House. Joyce was on theme for this Bush Capital Mid Winter Ball and later got a chance to show everyone his whipping skills as a prelude to the official MC’s, David Speers of Sky News and Gallery President Andrew Meares coming to the podium wearing Texas size Akubras. The ‘Speersy, Mearesy ‘ duo parlayed their way around the topical and typical barbs that this giant ballroom takes in its stride and with good humour, to get the party started.