Mid Winter Ball 2017 Sponsors' Cocktail Party

14 June 2017

The annual knees-up hosted by the Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery, is the Mid Winter Ball. A chance for the gallery, members of Parliament, very valuable sponsors and staffers to frock up, wind down and wine and dine in style at the Great Hall of Parliament House and wait for the after-shocks that seem inevitable.

That one this year was lovely Laurie Oakes sharing the PM’s speech – a very good one – giving his version with appropriate POTUS fingering of his hastily arranged Donald Trump meet and greet in New York from his perspective. And why not? Oakes, the master of the leaked story and this one shorter than those budget papers of yesteryear was a gift for all those who missed this monster ball.

But for this shindig to survive the most valuable guests are not those from the Press Gallery or the parliamentarians, sundry staffers and the declining numbers of media moguls, but the corporate  sponsors. And they were there for the chance to share in the shenanigans and generously support this mammoth production themed this year as The Bush Capital Ball, with an upside down garden on the ceiling and the lighting team bringing the tapestry of Arthur Boyd’s Shoalhaven into the picture spectacularly.

The cocktail party before the main event is where the gallery thanks the Corporate Sponsors, with Gallery President Andrew Meares on hand for that, and to acknowledge how vital they all are to the success of the ball.

But the best was yet to come.