My Year with Helen - Opening Night for CIFF 2017

26 October 2017

The Canberra International Film Festival is off and running.

Opening with a documentary by respected New Zealand film maker Gaylene Preston called My Year with Helen, we joined the former prime Minister of New Zealand, Helen Clark, on an up close and personal jaunt in her capacity as the first female Administrator of the United Nations Development Program travelling around the world, as she ‘lobbies’ to become the first female UN Secretary General and puncture through the thickest glass ceiling in the world.

We learn a lot about Helen, and learn to admire and respect her for her achievements, her forthright manner and tenacity juxtaposed with her endearing relationship with her 94 year old dad at home in New Zealand, where his freezer is filled with home cooked dinners she prepares and stores for him in recycled margarine containers.

 But the reality of that glass ceiling is more than Helen Clark can smash. She would have been a formidable Secretary General, but it was not to be.

 The festival continues until Sunday 7 November at the Arc Cinema with the program details at