National Day of the Republic of Croatia 2017

21 June 2017

The National Day of the Republic of Croatia is celebrated on June 25th, the anniversary of the establishment of this country when it split with mutual agreement from Slovenia in 1991.

An ancient land with a modern outlook and one that boasts one of the best embassy positions in Canberra thanks to a large and generous population of Croatian- born Canberrans who’ve prospered in this their adopted city, who built the Embassy as a gift for all. They proudly gather on this mid-winter occasion to celebrate their heritage and promote Croatia as a tourist destination, the food and their culture, with plenty of glossy brochures of sunny islands, ancient cities, favourite delicacies and delicious chocolate to take home.

On a cold winter’s night a slab of chocolate and dreams of cruising or sailing the Adriatic to hidden gems was enticing. But this gathering brings together many who’ve lived longer in Australia than in Croatia with many of their offspring almost more Aussie than we are.

While national days take on a familiar formula of toasts to them and us, to hear Medha Trivedi sing both national anthems was special. Especially as she sang the second verse of ours, the one we stumble on at the best of occasions. And to hear the Ambassador, Dr Damir Kusen, recommend to his diplomatic friends that the addition of solar panels on the Embassy roof is a great way to save on electricity costs was a little out of the ordinary when the spiel is about trade, tourism and future prosperity envisaged for Croatia. High on their hill in O’Malley they’re on to a great money saver.