National Folk Festival 2017 Opening Night Reception

13 April 2017

While many rush to the coast for the Easter long weekend to hopefully grab the last vestiges of Summer, Canberra’s iconic National Folk Festival keeps many at home and so many more visitors coming to town to enjoy a wonderful celebration that has grown and prospered over the decades .

The rambling space that is Exhibition Park becomes a tent city of diverse tent ‘burbs established in and around the streets of festival activities where the diversity of food, entertainment, activities and stalls can keep you wandering for hours. My camping days are long gone as memories of my scout troop’s trip to the Virginia woods comes back to haunt me while the magic of time in the Kimberly remains a fond one, erecting any kind in the back yard that is Exhibition Park is not on. Just a bit close for comfort, but it works a treat for the diehard Folkies.

 Opening night I wandered among the stalls, got my bearings and found the official soiree, a drinks and eats to thank the sponsors, let the organisers have some well deserved respite from what is a monumental effort before the opening night concert that gets everyone in the mood for more to come.

As always the systems worked as hundreds found their way into the designated car parks to the ticketing area where smiling helpful volunteers made it all so easy to follow a winding road in and around the tent ‘burbs to the reception area. And exemplified how important those hundreds of volunteers are to the success of the festival. They make it tick and they’re happy in their work.

With over 200 acts, 50,000 expected to attend over the long weekend and a logistical nightmare by any reckoning, that it all goes so well is a credit to the organisation, promotion and realisation of something very special.

And the National Folk Festival’s eclectic mix of entertainment, activities and fun again a resounding success.