Qantas Dreamliner @ Canberra Airport

30 November 2017

Dreamliner is a magical name for the latest Qantas big bird soon to take passengers on those long haul flights only Australian travellers seem to be able to cope with. And with a quick sticky beak inside the brand new dream machine at Canberra Airport as it stood shiny and polished at Gate 9, we the invited tested the Business Class beds, checked the recline of the economy seats, the loos, the crew beds, seat width, foot room and as it was the predominately public service guests circling the Dreamliner – the ones who book travel for their employees heading off to far flung places – they were all very impressed albeit miffed it was not for their holiday trips that they were there.

With testing too of the controlled light/dark setting on the windows – no dicky little blinds for the harsh Aussie sun- and a quick squiz around the space-ship style galley, we were back on terra firma with none of the hassles of luggage and passport checks a normal flight requires.... and a packet of chips, mango shortbread cookies and bottles of water for the fun of dreaming on the Dreamliner’s potential to get us where we want to go more quickly and more comfortably.