Red Shield Appeal Launch 2018

17 May 2018

In a city that presents as affluent, educated and commercially successful the growing incidence of homelessness is confronting and frustrating. It can’t be ignored because it is a symptom of inequalities that exist and we are all responsible for making sure each and all of our community get help when needed.

Why has it become a seemingly an insurmountable problem. Surely we are smart enough to come up with solutions both in the short term and long term for those in desperate need to break the cycle because this city does have a surfeit of generous people willing and able to help make changes and a difference in so many ways.

That was on show once again at the launch of the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal for 2018 with a lunch at the National Press Club to bring together the movers and shakers of the city to put them in touch with the work of the Salvos, remind them that it doesn’t stop at the point of giving but remains an ongoing need.

 The fund raising committee brings special speakers to the lunch to encourage philanthropy – this year our wonderful Canberran of the Year Diane Kargas- Bray - remind them of the work of the Salvation Army from the past and on this occasion a ‘testimonial’ from a lady called Fatima with a heart wrenching story of her experiences as a refugee, how she found help with the Salvation Army but grieves for her children stuck in a refugee camp in Guinea.    

I have listened over many years to all kinds of stories from invited speakers with stories that are confronting and heart warming. Those who find the help and support they need, are encouraged to make changes in their lives for the better and often too those who at first did not succeed but never stopped trying.

We who can afford to help need to never stop either. It’s a hard road for many but the rewards are life changing.

The Annual Red Shield Appeal is on 26-27 May.