Richard Di Natale @ the National Press Club

27 April 2016

It’s almost time for our well honed election cynicism to burst forth as pre-emptive leaks and purported generosity of the incumbent government filter into the media on the eve of the budget. And then an election with a campaign beyond the realms of reason to follow. But with the short attention span of most of us to the prognostications of the incumbents it’s really a case of here we go again.

But before our eyes glaze over and we lose interest and wish we could be anywhere else we will listen and learn.

For Senator Richard Di Natale it was a very ‘green’ lunch at the National Press Club with a room overflowing with a lot of very smart and interesting candidates - the majority women -  his mum and dad and his wife as well, along for the opening salvos of his campaign and to learn the ‘Buffett’ rule. Named for billionaire Warren Buffet who discovered his secretary was paying more tax than he did. Oops, he obviously followed the ‘Packer’ rule. But the Buffet rule is a High Income Tax Guarantee to put a floor under tax deductions. It was an impressive and cogently delivered speech, sensible and plausible.

If all the good ideas could be garnered by one party we’d be spared the sparring and the rhetoric and just be able to get on with life while the bureaucrats kept the wheels of government chugging along.