Scott Morrison: Post Budget Address to NPC @ Parliament House

4 May 2016

A smirk for something unexpected, a sigh of relief actually as we got down to the small stuff rather than the billions and trillions we'd been listening to and a bit of a giggle was achieved by veteran Press Gallery journalist Malcolm Farr with his question to the Treasurer from way out in left field about the five cent coin at the post budget address to the National Press Club in the Great Hall of Parliament House. The room was chock a block with an eclectic mix of business and government representatives, ambassadors and a high commissioner with plenty of staffers from the incumbent’s offices to hear it all again. None game enough to stand and be counted on the five cent when Farr asked when the Treasurer was going to get rid of it.

 The Treasurer was not amused with the Farr question, we loved it not just because it lightened the tone of the set piece the treasurer had delivered but hit on something we could relate to.

Yes we ordinary folk who fiddle around with little cash and a lot of credit card and pay-wave spending wonder when sensible decisions will rid us of this fiddly bit. A little bit of a coin that cost more than it is worth to manufacture. Obviously the Treasurer likes them.

But we sat through the graphs, the much touted ' jobs and growth' slogan resurrected from George Bush the younger on the hustings in the USA from long ago and the haranguing approach as we heard the usual them and us approach to what is good for the country according to those in the driver’s seat.

Sometimes you just have to listen to the simplest and most sensible ideas......