• Michelle and Rodney Black

    Michelle and Rodney Black

Silvia Colloca: La Dolce Vita

21 October 2016

Silvia Colloca is a beautiful woman. A professional actress, opera singer, author, blogger and talented cook. And she just happens to be married to the ‘thinking woman’s crumpet’ Richard Roxburgh with their two boys, Raphael and Miro, who have recently been the sounding board for Roxburgh’s first foray into writing a children’s book, the delightful children’s book Artie and the Grime Wars.

Colocca’s love of food was nurtured, like so many Italians, in her mother and grandmother’s kitchens and her current book La Dolce Vita, the third she has created, is testament to that background and the pleasures of food prepared to share with family and friends. Her current ABC television series, Silvia’s Italian Table, is a pleasure to watch as guests become involved in the preparation, presentation and eating of a range of simple, classic dishes; the eating and sharing of them and the flow of conversation that is part of the Italian table.

In Canberra for a book signing, dinner and conversation at University House, her fans bought armsful of books, chatted with her  - some in Italian – and enjoyed the opportunity to talk about food we all can cook, enjoy while getting back to the pleasure of being around the table with family and friends.

And while many of us have cookbooks falling off the bookshelves, indulge in a plethora of cooking shows from around the world, give chefs and cooks incredible star status,  it is the basics that are lifelong necessities in the kitchen. Simple, flavoursome and nourishing is the best cooking credo and Colocca’s La Dolce Vita is all of that and more.

Salivate over the Seafood en Papillote with olives, tomatoes and white wine, find a new twist with Drunken Spaghetti with porcini mushrooms and truffle and the Italian classic of a gluten free Tiramisu. Clever kids food for parties, picnic food, edible gifts and romantic dinners endorse the delightful title, La Dolce Vita.