The 2017 Spanish Film Festival opened with a whole lot of lovin’ of the kinky kind with the daring and delightful rom-com of fetishes called Kiki, Love to Love.

 Directed by Paco Leon, it is very funny and a refreshing telling of the erotic in a suburban kind of way, where being crude and crass is not the intent. The stories might just be what really happens in the ‘burbs of Madrid during those long hot summers.

Significant Spanish rising star Natalia de Molina is as soft and delicate as a porcelain doll but she’s been aroused by a robbery, most of us would be scared witless by that experience, but telling her partner leads to a whole lot of laughs as he goes to great lengths to replicate her ‘orgasmic fantasy’.

And it’s a ridiculous and sardonic laugh along with all the players in these stories that push the boundaries of sexual norms where taboos and erotic fantasies are given weird and peculiar names- most ending in ‘phylia’- most you’ve never heard of and all no doubt grist for the mill that is sexual psychology.

Based on the plot of an Australian Film called The Little Death directed by Josh Lawson, it would be unfair to make an odious comparison as Leon has found and used the very idiosyncratic Spanishness to this mix of pathos and comedy for a liberating mix of sex, love and dancing to a Spanish beat kind of film.

Kiki, Love to Love is just one of a formidable program of Spanish cinema that always delights and entertains. The session times and full program is online at spanishfilmfestival .com and runs until 7 May with a couple of extra screenings of Kiki Love to Love. Go on, go...... be daring!