Stan Grant @ National Press Club

22 February 2016

For a country that prides itself on being a great example of multiculturalism extolled vociferously by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull along with “there has never been a more exciting time to be an Australian” there is a hollow ring to it when you consider the statistics for our ‘First Australians’.

Aboriginal men between the ages of 25-30 are four times more likely to commit suicide. There are high levels of incarceration, life expectancy is 10 years less than white Australians and it goes on. In an eloquent and heartfelt address at the launch of his book ‘Talking to My Country’, with his Aunt Elaine Lomas among the guests it was her face and emotions when he told his family’s story that impacted so much.

Stan Grant is an accomplished journalist who lives the reality of the chasm between us, and used this address to take advantage of the opportunity to make us take notice. Perhaps this is where we can find a different path to true reconciliation because we’ve failed on so many levels.

It is “The book that every Australian should have to read” is written on the cover. That’s a good place to start ...again.