The Play That Goes Wrong @ The Canberra Theatre

26 April 2017

Theatre productions are notorious for rehearsing to the nth degree to make sure everything goes according to plan on the opening night and of course for subsequent performances. And don’t we love it when doors don’t open properly, lines are forgotten, the set falls apart and the actors have to show their true mettle by coping with the unpredicted. School plays are the epitome of this and many a parent has sat through impending disaster for their children, but that early grounding augurs well for their future.

But to take the possibilities of disasters  and create a play around them is farce at its best and with The Play That Goes Wrong, hilarious entertainment.

The timing is paramount and the pace integral to the catastrophes used in this play and has moments of sheer fear that it will descend into chaos, injury or hilarity as the cast too could collapse in laughter as the audience does throughout.  

The acting is over the top, the set a disaster of technical blunders and yet it proves to be the most entertaining of productions with an accident prone ensemble cast so bad they’re brilliant. Brooke Satchwell as Florence Collemore suffers a painful hauling through a window that is hilarious and probably on most nights very bruising.

 And every potential disaster has the audience holding their breath in anticipation.

We need more of this laugh out loud entertainment and while the greatest of the farce writers Georges Feydeau would probably cringe at this production his legacy lives on.

The Play That Goes Wrong at the Canberra Theatre until 30 April.