The Wharf Revue: The Patriotic Rag

12 September 2017

The Wharf Revue: The Patriotic Rag came back to its happy place at The Playhouse to an audience of Canberra’s political tragics who desperately need their cutting edge lampooning of the political landscape they endure daily with stoicism and cynicism. Doesn’t matter in this city if your left, right or unaligned, we know that laughter is the best medicine for the chronic malaise of a parliament of the peculiar, pretentious and precious pollies who take themselves way too seriously. Let alone the buffoons on the world stage.

The Wharf Revue’s Super Heroes with Blazey Best’s Wonder Woman, Jacqui Lambie, and Jonathan Biggins in his budgie smugglers as Tony Abbott slinking about to I’m Mad ( Michael Jackson’s I’m Bad) were memorable. So too Best’s James Ashby, and Biggins’ Donald Trump. But the best hairdo of the night had to be Phillip Scott with a Kim Jong-un, eponymous do.

And as a cavalcade of pollies copped the mastery of the Wharf Revue’s mockery we relished every moment of the finer points of the good the bad and the ugly of the current state of a world floundering to make sense of what these leaders might do next. Trump and Putin dancing the night away to Lets Face the Music and Dance a perfect option in this show.

In an ‘Insiders’ moment, the conservative Gerard Henderson and the progressive David Marr exchanged opinions on the couch just as they do for many a Sunday morning when I must restrain myself from hurling the remote at the telly too often, but that it is the most popular of the political shows on telly shows that opinions are what we all respect, but don’t have to agree with.

And that’s what the Wharf Revue does so brilliantly. Garners opinion, re-works it, adds colour and movement, accentuates the ridiculous and sends them all up mercilessly. Sensational satire at its very best.