This Poisoned Sea with QL2 Dance @ The Playhouse

27 July 2017

This Poisoned Sea presented by QL2 Dance might just be their best ever work but for those of us who’ve been privileged to see this company evolve, expand, involve and create many works, this kind of production was always in the minds and talents of the artistic director, Ruth Osborne, choreographers and dancers as the company just kept on getting better. That it is an opportunity for this young, disciplined and energetic company to speak to an environmental issue that will ultimately affect them, find the right beginning in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and create a well realised storyline with dance, visuals, costumes, music and lighting, is extraordinary. A perfect night of dance theatre, and a mighty big albatross around all or necks if we don’t do something.

With 80 minutes of dance in five parts, the division of four choreographers in collaboration with the dancers  fuses into a story to make us all reflect on our actions, marvel at the creative talent of those who’ve contributed to this exceptional work and despair for what we’ve destroyed, with hope in the final act to Listen. Learn. Speak. Act.

 As Coleridge’s poem warns us of the relationship between nature and us, it’s hard to comprehend how when it was written in 1798, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner would resonate down the ages as climate change and ocean pollution are major issues we must address. And this work is a wonderful   way to do it.

The after party where all the speeches, thanks and congratulations to this amazing company were heartfelt and deserving a little aside to those of us who are recipients of ‘freebies’ was a reminder that little companies of this standard need and deserve our support. That means money; and with all  of us giving a little it adds up to a lot. Just like looking after our precious environment, it behoves us all to Listen. Learn. Speak. Act.