Treasurer Joe Hockey's Post Budget Address to NPC @ Parliament House

13 May 2015

Parliament House was buzzing with expectations as a cross section of business, academia and the public service filled the Great Hall for the annual post budget address to the National Press Club. Treasurer Joe Hockey brought his wife Melissa Babbage who sat happily in conversation with the ABC’s Sabra Lane while Julie Bishop swept into her seat with David Panton by her side. She chatted with Steve Lewis and he with Mark Kenny.

The stage was set, the significant players in place and Hockey decided to enter from the front door and not a side door; the snappers snapped to attention and ran to the important photo-opp and then the man of the moment did the round of important guests including a big contingent from new NPC sponsors Westpac and a smattering of departmental secretaries among the 600.

It was his “have a go” speech, the questions predictable with no inkling at that point of the double-dippers soon to be outed. But I got my photo of Joe and Melissa; she’s been ‘at home’ for previous Mid-Winter Balls and I give him a hard time every time, but he obliged for this Autumn Budget opportunity, she had no idea what we were talking about.