Treasurer Scott Morrison @ NPC

17 February 2016

With 30 plus graphs loaded in the system – thankfully reduced to about 20 – Scott Morrison faced the National Press Club as Treasurer. And the commentators were not amused at the end of his 45 minutes that cut the question time to a hasty 15 minutes with a few extras to give some balance to proceedings.

The consensus was not good, and while short on detail the new look treasurer has the presence and potential to be a formidable speaker; he just needed substance.

Enjoying the event was the Ambassador of Colombia Clemencia Forero-Ucros who reckons Australian politics and the manoeuvrings are fascinating with her entire time in this Canberra post seeing a cavalcade of Prime Ministers and not much change. But she has secured a “memorandum of understanding for collaboration in the hydro-carbons industry” from the new minister for Industry Josh Frydenburg. Not sure what we understand from that.

Scott Morrison will be back for the post-budget address.There needs to be more than graphs at that event