Velvet at the Playhouse was 80 minutes of circus and 70/80’s disco that had the opening night audience at the end dancing in their rows with energy not seen at a Playhouse for many a long year, allloving the drift back to the disco era in a loosely contrived story with circus performances that surprised and delighted and Marcia Hines back on stage with that voice that has entertained us for so many years.

It was all mirrors and mirror balls, sequins and leather, go-go girls, aerials and hula hoops with the archetypal  DJ Joe Arcaria mixing the music on high among the smoke and lights with a cast of characters dancing, singing and performing  in a mini disco-circus production that created a show that was all about entertaining and memories.

The songs were ones where we remember the lyrics from the enigmatic If You Could Read My mind to Stayin’ Alive, It’s Raining Men (still the quickest way to get the girls dancing at any fancy soiree ) to Boogie Wonderland, and Marcia Hines’ exquisite Never Knew Love Like This Before all given the disco treatment.

But it was the circus component that surprised as Emma Goh swung about in the world’s highest platform shoes, Stephen Williams dispensed with his studded glittering leather jacket to reveal an eight pack to astound and the comic performance of Craig Reid’s hula hooping in an ill fitting glittering monotard.

With drinks and pizza for the after party, more of the familiar disco memories playing, and a photo wall inviting everyone to get among the performers and thank them for the memories for a show that kept us dancing with even local politician Andrew Leigh agreeing this kind of fun is what Question Time at Parliament House needs. Now that would be a sight.