World's Biggest Morning Tea 2017

25 May 2017

It was an idea, quite a simple one really, to raise funds for cancer research while joining friends, neighbours, colleagues and family for a cuppa. It evolved into the World’s Biggest Morning Tea held in venues across the country. The WBMT became an annual event for The Cancer Council and they designed packages to support groups , provide them with all the paraphernalia, guest speakers if required and heartfelt thanks for the fundraising efforts.

The annual WBMT at the Forest Motel and Apartments celebrated its 20th year hosting their event this year and while the Waldren family have downsized just a tad there was no lack of enthusiasm for the regular aspects as the music from the Forest Primary School brass band echoed up and down the street, the fully automatic coffee machine dispensed all the beverages and the sausage rolls and lamingtons were delicious. We’ve had auctions, raffles, cake competitions and always plenty to eat with the humble cuppa. Guest speakers who’ve survived have been inspirational, and subsequent deaths of many have broken our hearts. But we have to keep at it. We have to salute those who strive to cure cancer and those who fight it with every bit of ammunition available.

We bought raffle tickets, Tim Gavel and I were the ‘barrel girls’ because we’ve been around this event for more years than we want to count, and spent time catching up with friends. Sadly more friends have died, some are in the middle of treatment and the scourge of this insidious disease moves inexorably on while researchers work tirelessly to eradicate all kinds of cancer.

And that’s the problem. The more we seem to succeed with some cancers, so many more need to be researched and eradicated.

Thanks Waldrens, you are treasures of this city and your efforts have brought many happy memories over a simple cuppa.